Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips fun and educational

Virtual Field Trips should be fun, educational, AND interactive.

We've seen a lot of "virtual field trips" that are basically just watching a video or looking at pictures --- in our mind, that's NOT a Virtual Field Trip. 

After all, when students go on real field trips, they get their hands dirty, exploring, learning, and investigating. Our Virtual Field Trips do the same thing.

For example, on our Civil War Virtual Field Trip, we incorporate live storytelling, food, trivia, and hands-on activities, like decoding ciphers and learning Civil War battle techniques from our stage combat choreographer. 

What Makes Our Unexpected Virtual Field Trips Different?

Every Unexpected Virtual Field Trip combines live video led by our engaging and fun professional guides plus a thematic Treat Box shipped to your students, with yummy treats (because kids love food, right?) and hands-on activities. 

Our award-winning historian writes every one of our Virtual Field Trips, providing a balanced historical review based entirely on original source documentation, integrating cross-curricular stories of history, music, art, and food. 

Our curriculum consultant who has 40+ years of experience as an educator assesses all of our Virtual Field Trips to ensure that they meet Common Core and/or Georgia Social Studies Standards of Excellence.

And, our guides are professional actresses and performers who excel at making sure your students have an incredible and interactive time learning history.

Virtual Field Trip

How Much Does an Unexpected Virtual Field Trip Cost?

Virtual Field Trips have a minimum group size of 10 screens and cost between $5 to $30 per household, depending on group size and whether you choose to add on the recommended Treat Box. Virtual Field Trips can be scheduled at any time of day and day of week that you desire. Just contact us at and we'll schedule a Virtual Field Trip that you'll love.

Catalog of Virtual Field Topics

Here's a sampling of our Virtual Field Trip topics. All Virtual Field Trips include a teacher's guide that contains supplementary material, Common Core alignment, and Georgia Social Studies Standards of Excellence alignment. Once we know your students' grades, we modify our Virtual Field Trips to meet their age range. 

Contact us at or at 470-223-2203 for more information.


The Southern Food History + Hoecakes Virtual Field Trip traces the story of Southern food from the Mississippian, West African, and British cuisines. Students will make hoecakes live using a recipe from the first African-American written cookbook. This Virtual Field Trip is particularly designed for schools promoting Diversity and Inclusion programs. 

The Civil War + Salt Virtual Field Trip provides an excellent and thorough 1-hour overview of the Civil War, starting at the causes of the Civil War to Appomattox. Students will learn how to break Civil War-style ciphers and the basic battle techniques used in the Civil War from our stage combat choreographer, plus taste sea salt caramel popcorn.

The Street Art + Sweet Tea Virtual Field Trip is an engaging way to understand the evolution of art history from ancient public art and graffiti to modern street art, including interviews from street artists today. Our hands-on activity includes learning how to make Southern sweet tea plus coloring pages created by two Atlanta street artists. 
The Emancipation + Barbecue Virtual Field Trip tracks the history of the Emancipation Proclamation and Juneteenth,  and helps students understand the origin of certain racial constructs. Students make a word puzzle and taste barbecue sauce and pralines. This Virtual Field Trip is particularly designed for schools promoting Diversity and Inclusion programs.
The Girl Scouts + S'mores Virtual Field Trip creates a virtual campout by combining the story of Juliette Gordon Low and the Girl Scouts with spooky ghost stories and the story of the most famous campfire song. Students make a tissue paper campfire together as an art project and taste gourmet s'mores. 


What Do Our Student Groups Think?

I run a summer program for high school seniors, and was struggling to find fun and educational activities for them particularly in the current era of social distancing. Luckily, I found Unexpected Atlanta through a friend! They were very responsive and incredibly easy to work with and took the time to add extra personal touches to make our students feel special.

The tour itself was great! Super interactive and provided breakout opportunities for the kids to get to know each other better. The guides were energetic and engaging, and did an excellent job. All the students raved about how much fun they had, and how much they learned. 

Dr. Joseph, Summer Scholars Program

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