A Culinary History of Atlanta (Personalized)


Selected as the History Finalist for the 2020 Georgia Author of Year and named by Georgia Magazine as one of their top stocking stuffers for 2019, A Culinary History of Atlanta traces the story of how Atlanta is a city built on food. This personalized copy is a fun read that will get you salivating as you trace the story of famous Atlanta foodies like Martin Luther King Jr. and Henry Grady, as well as the history behind important restaurants like Mary Mac's and Busy Bee's.

Judges for the Georgia Author of the Year described the book in this way, "Akila Sankar McConnell focuses on the foods that Atlantans have eaten from the city’s early days as Terminus and Marthasville and brings the journey to present days. . . . This extensively researched book will make you think more about the foods you eat in Atlanta and how the food is rooted in the history of the area."